Zika: neurological and ocular findings in infant without microcephaly

Here we report the ophthalmic findings of an infant (age at exam: 57 days; head circumference: 33 cm; weight at birth: 3500 g; gestational age at birth: 38 weeks) who was referred for ophthalmic examination by a neurologist for suspected congenital Zika virus infection.

This case highlights that microcephaly should not be a required criterion for congenital Zika virus infection diagnosis, since infants without microcephaly could still have been infected by ZIKV during gestation. We emphasise the need for public health authorities to provide fundus screening to infants with suspected congenital Zika virus infection, because ocular findings might be underdiagnosed if microcephaly continues to be an inclusion criterion in the screening of this group of infants.

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